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  • There are no current road closures associated with SRWA construction.

Week of October 25 2021

Water Treatment Plant
  • The cable wrapping system that will be used for the water storage was delivered last week and is being assembled. The water storage tank will be wrapped in cable, tension will be applied to the cable and then shot crete applied on top of the cable for protection.
  • The final concrete wall at the backwash equalization basin will be poured early next week.
  • Reinforcing bar is being installed for the Chemical Storage building slab, in preparation for a concrete placement later this week.
Turlock Finished Water Transmission Main
  • The contractor has completed paving and striping on Berkeley Road to Santa Fe Avenue. The road is now open to traffic.
Raw Water Transmission Line
  • The pipeline has been installed at Fox Grove Fishing Area. The contractor will be paving portions of Fox Grove Fishing Area parking lot later this week. The park will remain open during paving activities.
Ceres Finished Water Transmission Main
  • The contractor has excavated a bore pit in Hatch Road and Faith Home Road for a trenchless pipeline crossing.
  • Pipe is being delivered and stored along Hatch Road.
  • K-rail was placed on the south side of Hatch Road and traffic lanes have been shifted. Please obey all temporary traffic control signs on Hatch Road between Faith Home and Gilbert Avenue.
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