Turlock Surface Water Distribution System Improvements Project

Turlock Surface Water Distribution System Improvements Project

Reliance on groundwater as a single source of water to supply the City of Turlock is no longer sustainable and the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA) has identified the Tuolumne River as a surface water supply that can be used in conjunction with the City’s groundwater systems to provide a long-term, reliable drinking water supply. The City of Turlock’s Surface Water Distribution System Improvements Project will install pipelines and construct a water storage tank and pump station, to provide the necessary infrastructure for the City of Turlock to convey purified drinking water from the SRWA’s system to the City of Turlock’s water distribution system and ensure a safe and reliable source of water for the future.

Project construction will include traffic control, lane closures and limited detours in the project area. Anticipated traffic impacts include lane closures and road closures (except to local traffic) and detours will be in effect. Prior to and during active construction, construction notices will be used to inform the community of upcoming activities and impacts. The project is expected to continue through August 2023. Installation of pipelines and construction of a water storage tank will occur in these areas:

  • On N. Quincy Road from E. Zeering Road south to Sebastian Drive
  • Along E. Zeering Road, from North Quincy Road, west to
    Wellington Lane
  • Along E. Monte Vista Avenue between N. Quincy Road and N.
    Berkeley Avenue.


The contractor is continuing with the final stage of grinding and paving on N. Quincy Road:

  • Construction starting Monday, April 24, 2023 and continuing through Friday, April 28, 2023
  • There will be NO parking during construction and vehicles will be towed
  • Working Hours are 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday
  • All of the work is weather dependent and will be completed as efficiently as possible

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to make these important improvements. If you have any questions or comments about the project, please call the 24-hour Project Information Line at (888) 353-9865. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we perform the work necessary to complete this important project.

Public Meeting Information

Project Fact Sheet (PDF)
April 2022 Public Meetings Presentation (PDF)

Project Map

Project Map
Construction photo

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    Project Timeline

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    Construction Activities

    • Terminal Tank Site 3500 N. Quincy – Site piping installed. Water Storage Tank Construction complete. Pump Station Building exterior complete, work continuing on interior of Building, Site grading continuing.
    • Pipe Installation on Public Roads:
    • Work on Zeering/Christofferson:
      • 99% of the pipe is installed and 95% of the roadway has been repaved.
    • Work on N. Quincy, between Zeering and Monte Vista:
      • 100% of the pipe is installed, roadway repaved.
    • Work on N. Quincy, between Monte Vista and Sebastian:
      • 99% of the pipe is installed, temporary paving complete where underground work is complete. Final paving to occur Spring of 2023
    • Work on Monte Vista, between N. Quincy and Berkeley:
      • 99% of the pipe is installed and 95% of the roadway has been repaved.

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