Glossary of Construction Terms

  1. Raw Water is water that has been diverted from the river for treatment. 
  2. The Pump Station is the building that houses pumps and electrical equipment to move water through the pipelines. 
  3. Transmission Line is a pipeline that conveys raw or finished water from one location to another. 
  4. Terminal Tank is a water storage tank at the end of a finished water transmission line.
  5. Wet Well is a concrete box that connects infiltration gallery piping to the raw water pump station.
  6. Site Benching is the tapering of excavation walls to prevent caving. 
  7. Sonic Drilling involves high frequency, resonant energy applied to a drill head to advance into subsurface soils.
  8. Infiltration Galley Piping describes perforated pipes installed under the riverbed to screen sands and gravels and allow river water to enter the wet well. 
  9. Freeze Pipes are small diameter pipes drilled to form an excavation barrier using chilled brine to freeze groundwater.
  10. Borehole is an exploratory hole drilled into subsurface soils. 
  11. Geo Fabric is a woven or non-woven synthetic material used for soil stabilization and erosion control or to aid in drainage.
  12. The Backwash Equalization Basin is a large concrete box structure that provides a consistent flow and loading to the downstream process of separating and drying solids. 
  13. Girders are support beams used in construction that provide the main horizontal support for the bridge deck.
  14. Construction Notice Date refers to the approximate date when door hangers will be distributed to properties within 1000 feet of the upcoming construction activity.